My Pony Stable and the Poppy Seeds

Yesterday was a great day, why? well because finally the tempeture went below the 22 degrees and that meant only one thing to me "today is the day to use fondant" - wooohoooo!!!

Recently I bought the book "50 Easy Party Cakes" from Debbie Brown (a veeery talented woman), I decided as a learning experience to make all the cakes I liked from the book, and I started with the Pony Stable.

Making the cake was fun and never frustrating (which is sometimes hard in this business haha), I gave a try to the madeira cake and I didn't like the taste of the cake itself, but the consistency was pretty good to build the stable. In the future will try other recipes for the cake, but this time to give it a twist I used buttercream with peach flavor.

The colors used on the book were pale but I used some vibrant ones :) I also substituted the flower tiles with heart tiles and I'm happy with the result!

After finishing the cake I was still on good mood, so I decided to give a try to the Lemon Poppy Seed cake of Rose Levy from the Cake Bible and made a Lemon Curd using the recipe from this site:

Was a happy weekend :)

My Pony Stable

My Pony Stable

Poppy Seeds and some curd