Gift Box with Bow

This was my first fondant bow, and since my fondant is homemade I had to add C.M.C to my mix so the bows hold their shape, I still think I could have added more C.M.C... will do next time.

Love the bright colors of the cake and the sparkles, the cake is a White Velvet Butter cake.

Gift Box

Gift Box

Perfect All-American Chocolate Butter Cake

My sister came to me with a huge list of requirements for her 1st anniversary with her boyfriend, I was shocked because she is a Publicity Designer and should have (and I know she has) some designing sense... but that day she was crazy, she was asking me to use ALL the materials I have for cake decoration, she wanted me to incorporate them all in her square cake and yet she wanted the cake to be beautiful... basically impossible.

In her crazy woman list was another requirement, she wanted a chocolate cake, but she wanted to feel she was eating brownie without the heaviness of one, she wanted a light cake with a heavy flavor, and she had it, I made her a Perfect All-American Chocolate Butter Cake

I tried to condescend with her in the decoration department, and I started searching for all what she asked me for, went several times to the store to look for new materials, but didn't find a way to put them all together and make it look good. So I said "ok, she is in love, that may explain why she is so crazy right now" and I made her a cute cake, that represented the year she spent with her boyfriend and she liked it.

Of course, she later complained: "my boyfriend says the cake is too sweet, and he can't eat too much sweet"... she knew this detail about her boyfriend long time ago, so she could have bought him potatoes or something else =P (she is not crazy because she is in love, she is just crazy... I captured that craziness in the eyes of the bears LOL).

Btw in the background of the picture if another cake I did the same day, but that's the only picture I have of it.

In Love

In Love

My Striped Cake

This month was my mom's in law bday, and I decided to use a technique I saw the other day on Flickr: a cake full of stripes of different colors, but I also wanted to use my flower cutters and my candy jewels, so at the end I went half way with the stripes and intercepted them with flowers and my candy jewels.

I made a careful choosing of the colors, because I wanted it to be grown up but not too serious and wanted it to be attractive also.

The day before assembling my cake I did a dummy one, just to make sure my final cake would look the way I dreamed it. I'm satisfied with the result and mmmmmm the cake was soooo good.

Here is the picture of my dummy cake:

My striped dummy cake

This was a really tall cake, three layers of cake, two of White Whisper Chocolate Cake and one of Buttermilk Country Cake. The cake icing was of Chocolate Buttercream:

White Whisper Striped

The Pearls of My Heart

My brother wanted to give his girlfriend a cute cake, and he trusted me to do whatever I wanted in a small cake... I love when they let me xD

I decided to use the pearl like candy that I recently bought and the a lovely pink for the fondant decorations. The cake was of three layers and filled with "dulce de leche" and strawberry jam.

The Perls of my Heart

The Perls of my Heart