From outer space to a shoe box!

You may be wondering: "what the heck?"... well just let me tell you the story and everything will be perfectly clear (I promise).

This time I'll be posting about 4 cakes and very different themes.

The first one is a cupcake that I made for a Flickr Throw Down, I didn't win but I was proud of it and also got many votes (wooohoo!!). The TD was about the space, and I'm not really into the space (I kinda hate it... it's a long story), but the thing is, this was the perfect opportunity to make Marvin the Martian! (oooh yes, I love that little crazy guy!).

My second cake was a sheep cake, it was a request from a coworker for Mother's day (nop, I'm not posting this late, in this side of the world we celebrate Mother's day on August 15th). I have to confess I wasn't quite happy with the cake, but I was following the client's request. The cake was an All American Chocolate Cake filled with "dulce de leche".

The third one, uuuh the third one is a wonderful one I have to admit it (and I do this rarely), I made it as a gift for my mother-in-law. It was a super rich chocolate mud cake and the cake was shaped as a pot, the dirt is the same chocolate cake (yummmm, yummmm!!). The pot was filled with my first fondant roses ever, and I really enjoyed learning how to make them (yup, because I learnt otherwise I would've hated the process hahaha).

And the best one, is the last one!!! Yayyyyy! My mom's cake, she is a shoe lover, and I knew she would adore my cake. The cake was half chocolate mud cake and the other half white chocolate mud cake, it was filled with chocolate ganache & rum. I made the shoe a week in advanced to give it time to dry.

And now the part that I like the most:

Marvin the Martian - Cupcake

A Sheep Cake

A Flower Pot for her Roses

The Elegant Shoe Box

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