Ice Cream Flavors

Two posts about ice cream! This time is not the shape of the cake, but the flavor... mmm delicious. I made it for my mom's bday (I feel like lately I only work for my family - not complaining though).

This cake is a yellow cake with orange flavor, filled with pineapple and apricot jam, which I did, and I was proud of :) The buttercream used to frost the cake had pineapple flavor and the fondant... pineapple with orange... as I said, just like an ice cream.

My family was in love with my cake, and so was I, because I feel that with each new cake I've been improving in so many levels, and that makes me happy and proud of myself. And believe me, I'm quite a perfectionist but I see progress, so I'm happy and that won't mean I will stop trying to be better each day.

And now the reason why you visit my blog:

Mom's Bday Cake

Mom's Bday Cake
Thanks pretty people for reading my posts, hope to come back soon with a new project.




September 8, 2017 at 3:21 AM

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