Bows, Stripes, Pinguins... lips?

What all those words have in common? They are part of the cakes I did this week... yes you are right, I was a bit busy hahaha (taking into consideration I have a day job :P)

Well let's start, the first one is a Raisin Butter Cake with a green and yellow bow, I totally loved how those colors looked together. My mom was in love with the first bow I made, so she wanted a similar cake, but with more "grown-up colors". I covered the cake with White Chocolate Ganache, before proceeding to cover it with fondant.

Another Gift Box Cake

Another Gift Box Cake

The second cake is a super rich Chocolate Mud cake, mmmm so yummy, I got to taste this one because I made it for a get together that I had with my high school best friends (oh time goes by sooo fast!), the flower was made with plastic chocolate (also known as chocolate paste). The stripes: rolled fondant over marshmallow fondant.

Flower and Stripes

The third cake is the one I'm proud of, I was told that I needed a pan to make the igloo and I didn't have one at the time, so I made a chocolate mud cake in a regular pan and then carve it to make my igloo, and I totally loved it :)
The base of the cake is a White Velvet Butter cake, first time I did one of those, and I was really pleased with the texture and the flavor, so was my client! My "snow" are semi-melted marshmallows. It was a two layer cake filled with caramel.

Igloo and Penguins

Igloo and Penguins

Igloo and Penguins

The last one was a failed attempt to decorate a cake, here's the story, I made the cake, covered it on fondant and put some plastic over it until ready to decorate it... I didn't realize the poor cake was under the afternoon sunlight's... yeah go figure, when I tried to remove the plastic it was all sticky and my fondant was a mess.
I wasn't really on the mood to change the fondant, so I left the cake and started fooling around with some colored fondant, I made some lips and my sister told to create a green tongue to make the mouth look creepy... and I did it haha. Later I decided that the two creepy things belonged together, so I put the mouth over the poor ugly cake hahahaha.

A weird cake and mouth



April 21, 2009 at 6:17 AM

Love the cute little penguins on the cake :D


April 22, 2009 at 8:44 PM

Thanks Sharon :)