Vanilla Cupcakes with Rolled Fondant

I've always loved the way rolled fondant looks, yesterday I was planning to pay a visit to my aunt's new cloth store and she told me that my little cousin would be there waiting for me and my sister, was at that moment that I decided to make something cute for her.

I went to the fridge and took out some rolled fondant that I made months ago for my boyfriend's bday cake, the colors were just perfect since they were ideal for my new fondant cutters. Baked some vanilla cupcakes (which I have to admit weren't as good as always, I think it was because I used margarine instead of butter, I know I know, my fault) and then started the process of covering the cupcakes.

Used three cutters: tulip, butterfly and flower; I'm pretty happy with the results, my cupcakes ended looking really cute. When I finally arrived to the store my cousin was no longer there, so I don't know if she liked them or not, I hope she did, anyway, it was a nice way of getting started in the decoration of cupcakes with rolled fondant.

There are a couple of pictures.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Rolled Fondant

IMG_0545Vanilla Cupcakes with Rolled Fondant