Has been a while!

Never thought that my last post was going to be that one of Cake Wrecks and my Cheshire Cat. I feel kind of sad when a blogger stops writing and I don't want you to feel sad, so I am back!

Well has been more than OMG, I was thinking 2 years, but has been more than 3 years since I last shared with you. Oh pretty people, I missed you. Happened kind of a lot in the last 3 years of my life, opened a cafeteria, closed a cafeteria, got married, stopped making cakes, started making cakes... that's pretty much it, just not in that order... who cares, I am back and I hope to have a lifelong relationship with you all.

There is one change, I will stop blogging here and start blogging here http://www.kensoven.com/blog, hope you join me in this second attempt to share beautiful cakes and experiences!

Until the next post,


Almost one month later!

O M G !!! I cannot believe I made it into Cake Wrecks!!! and no less than into the Sunday Sweets, I feel so honored to be sharing a place with those amazing sugar artists!

I feel a bit sad I wasn't aware of it until today (thanks to a new friend that let me know I was featured on that site on Feb 28th!)

Aaaaah! I'm sooo happy!!!!

If you wish to check it out >> Sunday Sweets - Alice in Wonderland

That's it for today, just felt the need to express my happiness :)

Ice Cream Flavors

Two posts about ice cream! This time is not the shape of the cake, but the flavor... mmm delicious. I made it for my mom's bday (I feel like lately I only work for my family - not complaining though).

This cake is a yellow cake with orange flavor, filled with pineapple and apricot jam, which I did, and I was proud of :) The buttercream used to frost the cake had pineapple flavor and the fondant... pineapple with orange... as I said, just like an ice cream.

My family was in love with my cake, and so was I, because I feel that with each new cake I've been improving in so many levels, and that makes me happy and proud of myself. And believe me, I'm quite a perfectionist but I see progress, so I'm happy and that won't mean I will stop trying to be better each day.

And now the reason why you visit my blog:

Mom's Bday Cake

Mom's Bday Cake
Thanks pretty people for reading my posts, hope to come back soon with a new project.


A bowl of ice cream or a cupcake?

This time I'll let you decide, is my cake an ice cream bowl or a cupcake?

Let me tell you, I was aiming for a cupcake, but I feel like the bottom of my cake is too rounded and looks more like a bowl... but still I like my cake and the colors are pretty sweet!

On the base of the cake I put some cookies and wrote "melly" on them, because the name of the girl is Starmelly... how clever? hehehe.

The cake is a yellow cake with almond extract, the buttercream has coconut and lemon flavor, delicious!

So, what do you think?

A bowl of ice cream or a cupcake?

A bowl of ice cream or a cupcake?

Thanks for reading! XOXO

What I've been doing - A quick summary

Hi everyone,

Thanks for being so nice and patient!

I'm going to summarize what I've been doing the last months, and after this, I hope to continue posting as frequently as I did before =)

At the end of September I did a Strawberry Shortcake, had so much fun with modeling. The cake was an All American Chocolate Cake filled with "dulce de leche":

Strawberry Shortcake

Later last year I played with polymer clay and also tried to replicate my work on fondant:

My Gnomes

And here is what I've been doing this year, enjoy! =)

Some lovely bears:

Bears in love

A sofa with wood floors:

My first sofa!

Cute cows sitting on a fence:

Two little cows sitting on a fence

A hippo relaxing on a summer day:

Hippo's Summertime

And the latest, my pirate, which was a gift for my boyfriend (he loved it!):

Hey Matey, look I be rich!

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is it for now, but I'll be back soon!


Has been a while!

Hello everyone!

Has been a while since my last post, but I will make it up to you soon, I've been working on some cool projects.

In the meantime I invite you to visit my new site > http://www.kensoven.com/